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Together we'll find your path to a fulfilling life with ADHD

Launch your journey to ADHD success and fulfillment.

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Are you ready to unlock your full potential and reach your goals?

Hi!  I'm Tara!

I'm an ADHD Life Coach and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

Discover how ADHD Life Coaching can help you create a life you love.

A bit about me...

We live in a world that isn't designed for people with ADHD.  It is easy to feel lost as we try to navigate through a world that we experience so differently from other people.  We struggle endlessly with tasks that neurotypical folks take for granted.  We put an astonishing amount of effort into being on time, not fidgeting, not being too loud, reading social cues and acting appropriately, keeping a neat home, brushing our teeth, and so many other things.  The list is endless and each one of us has our own difficulties.

I was diagnosed at 52 and have been learning to navigate life with ADHD since then.  It turns out that a lot of the things I believed about myself are untrue.  I'm not terrible with money, I just have impulse control issues.  Pretty major impulse control issues.  After I figured that out, I learned how to reign in those impulses.  I still struggle with housekeeping, but I'm learning ways to support myself in those efforts.

I also have my strengths.  Hyper focus got me through law school, massage school and a year of training to compete in a half ironman and a full ironman (I even won my age group!).

Learning to use your strengths to best advantage and minimize the impact of your challenges makes life with ADHD easier and more interesting.

Coaching will help you identify and accept your strengths.  Coaching will also help you see your challenges and their impact more clearly.  Once you have named your strengths and challenges, you can begin building the path to a fulfilling life with ADHD.

Curvy Tree Road

Michelle M., British Columbia, CA

Tara brings a unique blend of empathy and personal understanding to her coaching. Throughout our coaching sessions together, she has helped me uncover my strengths and identify some of the patterns that held me back.  Tara holds a safe space for her clients that allows them to feel supported and encouraged to explore their own experiences and grow. Coaching with Tara has enabled me to learn more about my ADHD and how navigate my ADHD waters with confidence. 

Are you tired of the struggle?

Tired of masking all the time?


Lets connect to explore what it might be like to own your fabulous neurodiverse self!

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