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3-Month Coaching Package

You will be astonished at the change we can achieve in three months.

Image by Lili Popper

What You Get

10 Client-Centered 1:1 Sessions

Self Care Workbook

Unlimited email

In ten 45 minute sessions we are going to work through . . . whatever it is you need to work through.  These sessions are your opportunity to change your relationship with 

ADHD, to change your story about yourself, to figure out how to comfortably exist in a world that was not designed for how you function. Masking is exhausting, I will work with you to find your authentic self, a person you are proud to present to the world.

Life is hard.  Life with ADHD, well, you know.  My workbook will help you find your best path to a calm mind and relaxed body.  I'll guide you through various exercises to help you develop a routine to take care of your body, mind, and spirit as you do the hard work of learning to live with ADHD.

With me as a coach you aren't alone. Want to share a success, clarify a thought, get a boost when things are challenging, check in with an email.
I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Your Investment

Single payment of $1125 USD
Three payments of $400 USD
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